Overview & Points Series


Come out and try a Motorcycle Scavenger.

We have 4 Events this year to choose from.


And maybe even try to compete to have

your name added to our HUGE

Season Champion Trophy.

Points Series

For those looking to be a bit more competitive, we keep track of your rankings throughout the year.

Each Top 10 Finish earns you points towards the Season Championship.

Can't do all the Events?  No worries.

Only the points from your Top 3 Events will be counted towards the

Season Championship


So you can throw away a bad finish, or not worry about a weekend you can't make it out for.

How it Works

1st Place Overall for each Event gets 10 Championship Points.

2nd gets 9

3rd gets 8

4th gets 7


You must compete in at least 2 Events

throughout the 2021 Season to qualify.

In the event of a tie, highest finish for the In Person Rally will break the tie, followed by highest total points accumulated for all qualifying events.