Overview & Points Series


We have 3 Regular Season Events for your to choose from this year,

as well as 3 Mini-Rallies.

Come out and try a Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt, or sign up for several of them.


We even offer a SEASONS PASS

with HUGE discounts if you'd like to do all 3 regular events,

Plus you get discounted registration for the Mini-Rallies.

Points Series

For those looking to be a bit more competitive, we will be keeping track of your rankings throughout the year.

Each Top 10 Finish earns you points towards the Season Championship.

Can't do all 3 Regular Events?  No worries.

Only the points from your Top 2 Events of the Season will be counted towards the Season Championship.  So you can throw any one bad finish, or not worry about a weekend you can't make it out for.  And, if you can only make 1 of the Regular Events, then we'll let you count 2 Mini Rallies as a Regular Event.

How it Works

1st Place Overall for each Regular Season Event gets 20 Championship Points.

2nd gets 18

3rd gets 16

4th gets 14


The Multi-Day Rally counts for even more!

Each day the top 10 Riders will receive 10pts for 1st, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, etc...

For the Mini-Rallies, points will be half (1st = 10, 2nd=9, 3rd=8, etc...)

You must compete in at least 2 Regular Season Events

or 1 Regular Season Event AND 2 Mini Rallies

throughout the 2019 Season to qualify.

In the event of a tie, highest rankings overall ranking

in the Multi Day Rally will break the tie.

If that does not break a tie, then the rider with earliest highest placing Regular Season Event will break the tie.

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