2021 Events

Looking for a reason to ride your motorcycle?

Want to do more than just ride to a local coffee shop?

Interested in discovering interesting new places,

strange landmarks, and cool items?

Why not try our Motorcycle Scavenger Hunts?

We have 4 amazing events for this year.


Three are "Remote Rides" called Mini Rallies that you can do from literally ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

The other will be an In Person Events, dependent on CoVid restrictions.

Here's how our events work:

One week before the event you'll be given a list of themed locations.  You will need to plan your own unique route to find and photograph your motorcycle in front of those locations.  Each location is worth a different amount of points.


At the end of the allotted time, highest points wins!

Organized by Rallymaster
- Wolfe Bonham -
Iron Butt Rally 2017 / 2019 Finisher