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2023 Events

Looking for a reason to ride your motorcycle?

Want to do more than just ride to a local coffee shop?

Interested in discovering interesting new places,

strange landmarks, and cool items?

Why not try our Motorcycle Scavenger Hunts?

We have 6 amazing events for this year.


Three are "Remote Rides" called Mini Rallies that you can do from literally ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

The other 3 will be an In Person Events.

Here's how our events work:

One week before the event you'll be given a list of themed locations.  You will need to plan your own unique route to find and photograph your motorcycle in front of those locations.  Each location is worth a different amount of points.


At the end of the allotted time, highest points wins!

Organized by Rallymaster
- Wolfe Bonham -
Iron Butt Rally 2017 / 2019 Finisher
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