Just Sayin Thrice Banner.jpg
Just Sayin' Thrice Mini Rally
Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt
Friday, Aug. 27th to Sunday, Aug. 29th, 2021
(Any 10 hour period)

Maybe the "Third Time's a Charm" for you to win this one!?


After a really fun Just Sayin' Rally in 2019 and Just Sayin' Again in 2020,

we're back again with even more locations based on famous sayings....

It's as "Easy As 1, 2, 3".  This will be a chance to look for 3 Wise Men, hang out with the 3 Musketeers, and maybe meet the 3 Stooges... but hopefully not have a "Close Encounter of the Third Kind"!



10 Hour Rally - Starts ANYWHERE


You choose when and where you'd like to start from, and where you'd like to finish up to 10 hours later.  You will need to ride a minimum of 333km in order to be considered a Finisher.

Only $30 per bike!

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