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Crowns & Anchors
Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt

Friday, August 27th to Sunday, August 29th, 2021

(Note:  For those that DO NOT wish to enter the 3 Day event,

there is an 8 hour Mini-Scavenger Hunt on the Sunday)

For once winning a Multi-Day Rally won't come down to

who can sleep the least or who can log the most miles overnight!

Our 3 Day Rally is a DAYLIGHT ONLY format.  This gives riders the chance to rest and socialize with other riders each night following that day's ride.

After scoring each night there will be a Buffet Dinner included,

and the chance to GAMBLE your day's points

at the Rally Casino with a game of Crowns & Anchors.

Friday will be a 12 hour scavenger hunt.

Saturday will be a 10 hour scavenger hunt.

Sunday will be an 8 hour scavenger hunt.

Sunday night culminates with an Awards Dinner Banquet at 5:00pm

Note:  There will be a MANDATORY Rider's Meeting

Thursday evening at 7:00pm following dinner.

$350 per Rider, or $500 for 1 Bike - 2 Up Team Riders

(Early Bird Pricing of $300 available until April 15th)

(Or SAVE MONEY by purchasing a SEASON PASS)

Rally Hotel and Group Rate information to come,

but we will be starting/ending in King, ON.


Register for this Event (Multi-day or Sunday Only)

( Due to uncertainties surrounding CoVid, Registration will be postponed until March 15 )